Think You’re An Expert? - Creepy Crawlies - Zebra Blush

Think You’re An Expert? - Creepy Crawlies

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Become a creepy crawly expert by answering questions and learning from fact cards.

Take turns to roll the dice and correctly answer a corresponding numbered question. If you get it right, colour in the same numbered section on your fact card. If you roll a number you have already answered correctly and coloured in then you miss that turn.

The winner and 'official expert' is the first player to colour all six numbered sections of their fact card.

There are 12 different fact cards to complete (100 in total) and 300 questions to master!

For 1-6 players.

•  Each box contains 300 Trivia questions about Creepy Crawlies, 100 fact cards, 6 colouring pencils and a dice.