Purify and Balance Ceramic Ultrasonic USB Diffuser - Zebra Blush

Purify and Balance Ceramic Ultrasonic USB Diffuser

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The Purify and Balance ceramic USB Diffuser has been designed as a stylish addition to any interior space. This beautifully elegant diffuser will humidify the air in your home whilst creating a calming ambience to balance your wellbeing.

Just add a few drops of any of our essential oils to instantly feel their therapeutic benefits.

The soft LED light and whisper quiet ultrasonic operation of the diffuser are designed to create a calming ambience while the misting feature with timer enables you control how often you want to mist, from every 10 seconds, every 1 hour or every 2 hours just select the option that suits you best. No need to worry about leaving the diffuser on for long periods of time the diffuser has an automatic shut off should the water level gets too low or overheat.

1) Place diffuser on an even surface.

2) Turn the outer cover and remove it from the diffuser base.
3) Open the water tank cover and fill with water.
4) Add 3-5 drops of 100% pure essential oil into the water.
5) Replace the water tank cover and then place the outer cover back onto the diffuser base.
6) Connect USB cable to a computer or suitable 5V power adaptor
7) Use buttons on the front of the diffuser to set required mist and light options.